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What is 2S in Train? Unveiling the Comforts and Challenges of Second Seating Class in Indian Railways

As the wheels of the Indian Railways hit the tracks, lakhs of passengers embark on journeys that are more than just travel; They are experiences that bring people, cultures and stories together. Among the myriad classes offered by the Indian Railways, Second Seating, commonly known as 2S, is the epitome of affordability and accessibility for budget-conscious travelers.

7/20/20233 min read

In this comprehensive blog, we will delve deep into the world of 2S in trains, exploring its features, facilities and the unique experience it offers to passengers.

Understanding 2S (Second Seating) Class:

Indian Railways, with its extensive network connecting the nook and corner of the country, caters to diverse passenger needs. Second seating class, abbreviated as 2S, is one of the most basic and economical classes available for train travel in India. True to its name, this class offers simple seating arrangements without the facility of air conditioning, making it an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly option.

Features and Facilities of 2S Class:

Seating Arrangement: Second seating coaches are designed with no frills, bench style seating arrangement. The coaches usually have three seats on one side of the aisle and two on the other, forming a 3+2 seating arrangement. Though the seats may lack the plush comfort of the high-end, they provide enough space for the passengers to sit comfortably and enjoy the scenic journey.

Economy Fares: One of the primary reasons passengers choose 2S class is its affordability. Second seating ticket fares are much lower than air-conditioned classes, making it an accessible option for a wide range of passengers including students, daily commuters and those traveling on a budget.

Availability: Second seating class is available in most express and mail trains across the Indian Railways network. However, the number of 2S coaches in a particular train may vary depending on the demand and popularity of the route. It is always advised to book tickets in advance to secure a seat, especially during the peak travel season.

No Air Conditioning: Unlike higher classes like AC Chair Car or AC 3-Tier, 2S coaches do not have air conditioning facilities. While it may be comfortable during pleasant weather conditions, it can be challenging during the scorching heat or the humid monsoon.

Day time travel: Second seating class is suitable for day time travel or short journeys where sleeping arrangements are not required for the passengers. The absence of berths or sleeping bays means that this class is more suited to shorter journeys or travel during daylight hours.

Challenges of Traveling in 2S Class:

Inconvenient during peak season: As mentioned earlier, the lack of air conditioning can be a challenge during the scorching summer heat or the humid monsoon, making travel uncomfortable for some passengers. However, this can be minimized by carrying a personal fan, wearing appropriate clothing, and staying hydrated.

Limited luggage space: The 2S coach has limited luggage space. Many travelers traveling on a budget may carry large bags and luggage, which take up valuable seating area. Passengers are encouraged to be considerate and avoid encroaching on the seating area of ​​others with their luggage.

Seat Availability: Due to its low fares, 2S class is in high demand, especially on popular routes. As a result, it can fill up quickly, leaving some passengers with no confirmed seats. It is advised to book tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tips for Traveling in 2S Class:

Plan in advance: If you are considering traveling in second seating class, plan your journey in advance and book tickets as soon as they become available.

Carry essentials: Since 2S coaches lack air conditioning, it is important to carry a water bottle and stay hydrated during the journey. It is also advised to carry a small towel, face mask and hand sanitizer for personal hygiene.

Reach early: To secure the seat of your choice, reach the station before the departure of the train. This way, you can select your preferred seat and ensure a comfortable journey.

Be considerate: Be considerate of fellow travelers and avoid taking up extra seats with your luggage. Cooperation and consideration make the journey enjoyable for everyone onboard.


Second Seating (2S) class in Indian Railways provides an economical and accessible option to the passengers to traverse the diverse landscapes of the country. Though it lacks air conditioning and sleeping arrangements, it makes up for it with its budget-friendly fares and authentic experience of Indian train travel. With careful planning, an open mind and a sense of adventure, passengers can embrace the unique charm of 2S Class, making their journey a memorable chapter in the travel diaries of their lives.